Y2B Travel – Scam Or Legit?

People are growing more concerned about income, financial security and career choices at the moment and there are new and interesting opportunities arising all the time. With the growth of the internet we have seen many new ventures for business people and entrepreneurs to own a piece of internet marketing businesses to increase their incomes.Online home business opportunities are everywhere on the internet and with the pyramid scheme being the basis for most of them we are seeing it grow exponentially all over the world. Being in control is important to a lot of people and being in control of your business, schedule and finances is of huge importance. Y2B Travel is an online marketing company that offers all of these factors to everyone and anyone as long as they are willing to apply and commit to the system and the business. Y2B is a multi-level, publicly traded company is an online travel business that can earn you an income through two different methods, you are able to sell travel bookings and tickets through the ready made and automated system that you receive on purchase and you will also earn money and commission from all new recruits that you can get interested in the business themselves; you will be paying commission to your ‘sponsor’ and you will also receive a percentage of all their sales from the people you sponsor and so forth.The travel industry is currently a seven million dollar a year business and to be a part of it is exciting, interesting and financially beneficial. It has become increasingly more competitive as the online companies are selling at constantly lower prices and offering new deals and packages daily. The recruitment process is where you should concentrate in order to make a decent profit from the system as you will find it hard to gain a substantial profit from selling the tickets alone. The tier and pyramid system is a great way of gaining finances and spreading the companies name to get more clients from many different sources.What a person will be looking for when it comes to starting up a home business is the most profit they can gain for the least start up cost. The cheapest is not necessarily the best as you could in fact just be spending this money on a sub standard system lacking in materials and support. This is where Y2B falls a bit short as, even though the start up cost is quite low, you will have to pay monthly in order to keep your access to the system open and continue making profits.

Branded – It Is How YOU Will Be Remembered!

BrandedThere was TV show when I was young about a US Army Cavalry Captain drummed out of the service for cowardice. A deed he did not commit. I still know the song and one line goes like this: “What will you do when you’re branded, will you fight for the name?” Have you ever felt like you were “branded” and as you walked around? Like everyone knew something about you and it changed the way they treated you? Was it untrue? The show lasted several years, with each episode negated the coward brand.When I think about the word “branded”, I go back to my cowboy days on the ranch. When branding day came, it came early in the morning with starting the fires. After getting the fire started, it was placing the irons in the red coals until they, too, were red hot. Next, comes roping the calves away from the herd and pinning them down. Hearing the bawling of the mothers who knew what was coming next still haunts me. The next sound, a sizzle and the smell of the iron as it burns into the flesh and hair of the calf. That branding smell is something you never quite get out of your nostrils, ever. The brand will never change on that hide.Branding your business is just as memory making. When people hear your name, your company name, your product, or your service, what flashes into their minds? The branding of a company takes thought, research, and imagination. Once the brand becomes recognizable, changing the brand usually means starting all over with a new business and a new business model, new clients.We brand people, too! Does that shock you? I know your mom, like mine said these words, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, or “Sticks and stones can break your bones but names will never hurt you”. The opportunity is that names stick and being classified sticks.The branding of people is different. Once branded by others, we have a choice, to stand and re-brand or accept what has been branded on us. At this stage of life, I wear several brands. Some are hidden under old brands, some I am proud of, some I am not, and some I even earned.I was branded at an early age. I did not realize it until later in life. The fortunate part for me was that a good friend and mentor told me that everyone has a brand of some sort that is on them. I myself was branded at an early age of not being the sharpest knife in the drawer by a teacher and my mother agreed. Teachers know these things. So I reacted to the expectations and reacted accordingly. Mother knows best?My mentor went on to tell me that each time we are branded we have a wonderful opportunity to move ahead on the next great adventure. “What Great Adventure?” I asked.He continued on. “Re-branding is a natural part of life. You get to answer some new questions that are only yours and yours alone. What do you really want to be? What do you really want to do? Have you discovered your gifts and talents and how to use them? Where do you want to go? Who you become is up to you. You have a choice. Be miserable and accept the hand you were dealt or tell the dealer you would like a fresh hand. The adventure is that new insights added to the past insight to move you to the next level.” Change is possible.Let’s look at this situation another way. On the ranch when a calf is branded, the cherry red iron is placed on the hide of the calf. The brand does not change. It will be that way for as long as the cow lives. The calf will never have control of changing that brand. It labels where it belongs.People on the other hand can change their brand and do. I went from not the sharpest knife in the drawer to someone feared by the management at the company I worked for. I was the union steward. I was good. I never lost a grievance.But, one day I woke up and realized that instead of fighting against the management, I was protecting people that should have been fired and would have been without a big union protecting them. Employees lacking good work habits. I had the opportunity to really help my union brothers and sisters by weeding out the unwanted. I realized that the rest of the group was carrying the work load and having to work harder because I was protecting the useless. Most of them were not in the union, but had the same rights and access to the steward as those who paid dues. How much money does that cost a company when part of the employees work harder to cover for those who do little of the work? How many raises did the worker miss paying the wages for everyone?I handed in my union steward card. I re-branded myself again. I left where I had worked 20 years and went to be an office manager in another building. I had to re-brand and move on. The people who were my friends in the past now did not talk to me, called me things I will not repeat, and there was no going away party given for me.The realization was this: people followed others that spoke well, treated others with respect, and sought to be a helping hand to all. This sent me on a new adventure.Was re-branding myself easy? NO! Was it the most fun? NO! Was it the most exciting thing that I continue to do? YES! Today I look at the chance of re-branding daily. Some of my brands do not change. The moral and value code stays the same. I remain trustworthy, loyal, and respectful. The learning and searching continues on daily.The next great adventure (re-branding) was on to a new world of training others. This was the greatest responsibility so far I had been in entrusted with. Setting the example each and every day of how to do their jobs as well as be a representative of the company on and off the clock. From there it has been building new companies for others as well as my family. The only thing that has stayed constant is that, as you change, improve, and re-brand, you will grow. As you grow you have an opportunity to help others by being that mentor, that friend.How were you branded? Are you still wearing that brand or did you get a new one? All of us have an audience that we want to be heard by, to share ourselves with. Mine is simple and hard to do. Teach personal accountability and personal leadership to everyone that I am blessed to come in contact.

Air Conditioning Brands – How To Choose The Best One

It is difficult, especially for someone not within the air conditioning sector, to figure out which is the best air conditioning brand out on the market.The fact is, each brand of air conditioning has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Even for an industry expert or specialist, it would be challenging to say exactly which brand is indeed the very best one.Read on for 5 crucial aspects you must consider when picking the ideal brand to go with in your home construction or upgrading plans.When Choosing The Best Air Conditioning Brand, Here Are 5 Things To Consider: 1. Lifespan – How Long Can The Air Conditioner LastThis is one of the most crucial considerations when choosing an air conditioner brand. The life-span of an air conditioner, or for how long it lasts, has a strong implication on a home owner’s running costs.Earlier systems actually have the tendency to last for a longer period– typically approximately 20 years. However, with the development of much more sophisticated electronics being incorporated into today’s air conditioners, this is no longer the case. This holds true for any kind of electrical home appliance– not simply air conditioner systems.Different brand names differ in quality and durability. Even within the same brand, each unique model of air conditioner has it’s one-of-a-kind “idiosyncracies”.Some expert installers have in fact provided feedback that the thermostat of particular brands is more susceptible to failing over time than others. We are unable to provide specific brand names in this post to observe the legal rights of each brand.In addition, a fast search on Google will generate numerous beneficial insights. This might be the best way to determine which brand is more durable – based on the experiences of other customers.When doing your research, it’s best to research for genuine comments by actual customers as opposed to the info posted by air conditioning companies– which could be biased.Typically, the more recent models of air conditioners provide at least 5 years service warranty on Parts, Labour and Compressor– with some manufacturers offering a little more.So what’s the best way to decide on the most effective air conditioning brand name based on durability? A viable approach would certainly be to talk to a specialist. Tradespeople or installers that have actually worked in the air conditioning sector for a long time, will certainly have the field knowledge and experience to offer some great ideas on which brands are last longer.2. Power Efficiency – How Much Power Does The Air Conditioner NeedWhile durability may not have improved much for most brands over the years, energy efficiency is one area that every air conditioning brand name has actually strived to improve over the years.Current day top branded air conditioners have typically obtained the highest energy star score in the market. The leading brand names generally feature a 5-7 star rating– which significantly minimises the amount of power required by the air conditioner.When picking the best air conditioner brand, it is essential to look for one that has the highest power star rating. Escalating gas prices have actually caused electricity costs to rise considerably in the last few years, therefore picking an air conditioner with the lowest power consumption makes perfect sense.Inverter designs are generally the good choice. Air Conditioners with the Inverter feature have the ability to power down to a lower consumption mode when the thermostat sense the room has actually been cooled down to a pre-specified temperature.Depending on what that predetermined temperature is set to, you could certainly conserve A LOT of power.If you set the thermostat to 16 degrees, the inverter would not be of much benefit, as it takes the air conditioner some effort to even cool the room to that temperature. However, if the thermostat is set to 21-26 degrees, which is easily achieved, the inverter kicks in much sooner, and puts the unit in low power mode.3. Efficiency – How Effectively The Air Conditioner Cools A SpaceCooling performance of various brands can differ substantially. Even new models of the very brands could have wide ranging degrees of performance.Generally, most air conditioners would do adequately well for regular sized rooms. If it’s enclosed, especially. The real test happens when you attempt to cool down an open hall, or a large space.Depending upon the power (BTU) of the fan coil or wall unit & compressor, an air conditioner model’s cooling radius can vary dramatically. The larger the compressor, the bigger the cooling radius.Check with friends or online customers reviews on which brand delivers the best cooling performance. People who have used different brands– and who have experienced a not so good performing model– KNOW for sure which brand not to go for.Once more, talking with a market specialist or installer is still a wise choice. They’ve been in the industry for many years and know the ins and outs of many brands and models.4. Special Features – Extra Functions That Are Unique To Each BrandThis is another essential factor to consider when selecting an air conditioner brand. Modern day technology has enabled the newer air conditioning models to come with flashy new functions. Some of these consist of:Extensive Timer Controls – Preset on and also off times, and also running durations for each area.Zoning – Divide your residence into various zones and present environments for every area!Advanced Climate Control – Precisely regulate the temperatue for each and every roomWiFi/ Remote Access – Turn on your heater or air conditioner 5 minutes prior to you get to home!When choosing your air conditioner, ensure you compare all the attributes supplied by each brand! It’s quite a fun exercise!5. Reputation & SupportOf course, this point goes back for years. Solid brand names are established over years of top quality as well as a tested performance history. Once again do your very own research and figure out which brand name matches you a lot more.The leading air conditioning brands are Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Carrier, Samsung as well as Braemar. Having a strong track record in the industry implies that these brands have actually stood the test of time, as well as have actually consistently delivered on quality, durability and customer satisfaction.I hope this article has helped highlight the key considerations when choosing the most ideal air conditioning brand for your home. Unfortunately, as with all things “Shopping” related, there’s no definite answer. However, based on these 5 key points, and some careful research, you should be able to pick out a good brand best suited to your needs.